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Application of II Corinthians I to the Church in Sierra Leone, Part III



One can’t dispute the truth that the church has responded to the struggling of the folks in Sierra Leone. The extent of the response is nonetheless price mentioning.

The church buildings’ function in offering battle decision packages is significant. Forgiveness and reconciliation are important teachings that aren’t fairly been explored by the church in Sierra Leone. Most church buildings set up a one-time program on forgiveness as an alternative of constructing it a precedence because it is without doubt one of the most necessary virtues wanted in Sierra Leone at present. A harmful tradition growing in Sierra Leone at present is that of revenge. If raped victims fail to forgive their aggressors, they’d ultimately develop with hatred, quietly ready for each alternative to revenge. Some individuals who had been contaminated with the HIV virus through the conflict imagine they need to retaliate by participating in immoral intercourse by way of which additionally they unfold the virus. This underscores the essential want of group based mostly well being care which is a precedence as is HIV/AIDS consciousness. Many little one troopers joined the insurgent motion (despite the fact that beneath duress) with the conviction that sooner or later, they’d develop up and observe down their perpetrators.

A practical statement is that forgiveness is comparatively simpler when the person has a detailed relationship with Jesus Christ. That is the background in opposition to which the researcher assesses the evangelistic work of the church as far under expectations. The populace must be evangelized and correctly discipled. Subsequently, the precept of forgiveness could be significant taught within the native church assemblies. Maybe this is without doubt one of the most necessary methods to arrest the harmful tradition of hate which, if not correctly arrested, will rear its ugly head within the not-too-distant future. Realistically, forgiveness and reconciliation may solely be meaningfully realized when evangelization and pastoral care are main issues of the church. For these and different associated packages, the church in Sierra Leone must spend financially if any affordable diploma of success may very well be recorded. The struggling of the church “now turns into the work of affection, the work of redemption, saving these we love” (Kreft 1986, 138).

On a optimistic word, the historical past of the tip of the insurgent conflict can’t be full with out chapters on the function of the church which performed an lively function in reaching the peace settlement of Lome on July 7, 2000, between the rebels and the federal government. By bridging the hole between each side, it was capable of persuade the federal government to begin speaking to the rebels. Humanitarian help was rendered to each authorities and insurgent Revolutionary Armed Forces (RUF) teams. With the assist of Norwegian Church Help (NCA), the Inter Spiritual Council as an illustration supplied meals for each preventing forces. Via this intervention the circumstances of looting have been decreased.

The above however, there’s want for extra enter from the church in Sierra Leone within the areas of reduction, rehabilitation, reconstruction and resettlement packages. The parsonages, church buildings, faculties, clinics and different establishments destroyed, vandalized or ravaged by rebels have to be renovated or reconstructed for them to proceed to serve the folks. As well as, the packages put collectively to handle the issues of ex-combatant child-soldiers in addition to adults, orphans, ladies widowed by the insurgent conflict, and counseling for traumatized folks not solely within the church but in addition within the communities at massive are inadequate. A significant fault of each the federal government and the church is the availability of help to the residents within the capital on the expense of these within the different areas of the nation the place over seventy 5 % of the inhabitants lives.

Extra packages are urgently wanted to handle the problems of kids and ladies. The chauvinistic society is commonly insensitive to the wants of ladies particularly who suffered most through the conflict. When husbands had been killed, they took over the working of the household which, in an African setting, is commonly very massive. Most of those households had been rendered homeless. They had been additionally victims of rape and different violent bodily abuses like amputation of their arms and limbs. Till the church addresses the life like wants of ladies and kids, the results of conflict could be clearly evident for many years to come back.

The church in Sierra Leone should determine itself with the struggling of the folks. This was precisely what Paul did within the passage of II Corinthians 1:3-7. Within the midst of struggling, the Sierra Leonean church should nonetheless be grateful to God, rendering praises to Him. That is clearly demonstrated by Paul within the pericope studied. He begins the part with an outburst of reward. That is instructing the church to at all times reward God despite and never due to. When Paul and Silas had been imprisoned, the circumstances weren’t humanly conducive to reward God however their eventual reward demonstrated they had been conscious of the actual fact God ought to be praised always, a theme David echoes in Psalm 34:1. There must be a severe intimacy with God to such an extent that, like Paul, God is named ‘our Father’ within the greetings (II Cor. 1:2). The church shouldn’t be unmindful of the encouraging Scripture that observes that “the Lord is my energy and music, and He has turn out to be my salvation” (Exodus 15:2).

A giant lesson for Sierra Leoneans is Paul’s use of the phrase consolation. The intense poverty of the church in Sierra Leone, (which in actuality displays the overall scenario within the nation), coupled with the untold distress of the insurgent invasion, all reinforce the depth of consolation. Though there are totally different levels of hassle, God’s consolation is at all times accessible. This realization is adequate to deliver hope to a hopeless church. The burning of church buildings just isn’t the tip of the church. In reality, the true church is the meeting of saints and never the bodily constructions. Some Christians who had been members of a well-known church, Holy Trinity Church, one of many assemblies of the aristocrats within the society, ceased going to church after the rebels utterly burnt their cathedral through the insurgent invasion. Some, just like the Jews, may simply not comprehend how God allowed it to occur.

Paul didn’t promise the church a Christian life devoid of struggling. The truth is that it’s a part of the Christian’s coaching program. In reality, he targeting the inevitability of it. Struggling to the Christian, is Christ’s invitation to observe Him. Christ goes to the cross, and we’re invited to observe to the identical cross. Not as a result of it’s the cross, however as a result of it’s His. Struggling is blessed not as a result of it’s struggling however as a result of it’s His. Struggling just isn’t the context that explains the cross; the cross is the context that explains struggling. The cross provides this new that means to struggling; it’s no longer solely between God and me but in addition between Father and Son (Kreft 1986, 137).

The excellent news is that God can cope with any type of struggling and provide consolation for it.

The relevance of the fourth verse to the scenario within the church in Sierra Leone is mirrored in the truth that the results of receiving consolation from God is the power to share consolation with others. This idea of shared consolation is essential to understanding Paul’s ideas and motivations all through the letter. The Sierra Leanean church ought to understand that its sufferings, like, Paul, had been really a optimistic drive in his ministry. Jesus is central to the method of sharing consolation to that of others. Jesus assumes the place of Sonship firstly of the pericope since He’s the medium of each consolation and struggling as recommended within the fifth verse. If the hope of the church in Sierra Leone is due to this fact constructed on nothing however Jesus, the fact is that, as a Chic Instance, He too suffered and Christians would additionally endure of their identification with Him. Although painful at current, the church in Sierra Leone should perceive that verse 5 defines the explanation behind Paul’s skill to share consolation with others. If it shares in Christ’s sufferings, it must also share in His consolation. Plentiful struggling brings considerable consolation.

In actuality, the church in Sierra Leone shouldn’t interpret Christ’s struggling talked about in verse 5 as incomplete and may very well be correctly quantified if it provides its personal struggling to it. Paul explains elsewhere in Scripture (Rom. 6:10) that this was a one time, distinctive affair or expertise. When the church suffers, it’s really revealing the intimate relationship with Christ whose title he really bears. The lifetime of the church in Sierra Leone, in different phrases, is the lifetime of Christ- firstly with its struggling and its eventual glory. Paradoxically, the depth of the struggling of the Christians in Sierra Leone might reveal proof (like Paul) of the excessive calling to be recognized with Christ. Church members who misplaced their lives and had been subjected to different types of struggling when attempting to rescue souls ought to think about Christ because the divine instance. Falling behind insurgent strains, enduring beatings when trying to assist fellow Christians particularly and the populace on the whole is simply a part of what the church ought to be doing for a dying world, believing that even when one dies within the course of, there’s eventual hope.

Kreft (1986) believes that Christ’s coming, redemption of man, loss of life and resurrection are the issues He used to unravel the issue of struggling. On account of the resurrection, when all our tears are over, one will, extremely look again at them and snort, not in derision however in pleasure. Paradoxically, an atheist, Ivan Karamozov, brilliantly analyzes struggling higher than some Christians when he noticed thus:

I imagine like a toddler that struggling will likely be healed and made up for, that every one the humiliating absurdity of human contradictions will vanish like a pitiful mirage, just like the despicable fabrication of the impotent and infinitely small Euclidean thoughts of man, that on the planet’s finale, for the time being of everlasting concord, one thing so treasured will come to move that it’s going to suffice for all coronary heart, for the comforting of all resentments, for the atonement of all of the crimes of humanity, of all of the blood that they’ve shed; that it’s going to make it not solely doable to forgive however to justify all that has occurred (Kreft 1986, 139).

Are folks in want of assist? The reply is a powerful sure. Christians who’ve skilled struggling have an amazing benefit or are in a greater place to provide consolation to different struggling Christians. Whether it is realized that it’s God who’s in management, then the church in Sierra Leone will see struggling as a divine appointment. The concept of fellowship expressed within the passage is essential Christians in Sierra Leone. Since they suffered collectively, they may ultimately rejoice collectively. This mutuality of struggling and luxury was lively and clearly understood between Paul and the Corinthians.


An evaluation of the Pauline idea of struggling because it pertains to consolation within the passage thought of (II Corinthians 1:3-7) and a corresponding analysis of the development within the up to date church (notably in Sierra Leone) reveals the unpopularity of Paul’s instructing. Though God is the Father of all consolation, Sierra Leoneans in some situations imagine it’s not straightforward to objectively assess how God can see one by way of a selected type of struggling. Consequently, they’re in some circumstances not grateful to Him for his or her bitter experiences. The involvement of the church within the navy juntas present {that a} vital proportion of Christians are but to know Paul’s message. Some are nonetheless virtually demonstrating that God comforts them so that they too ought to consolation others who’re struggling.

Paul demonstrates or illustrates that have of struggling and luxury flows from belonging to Christ and sharing in his ministry. Paul offers with struggling and the Christian group. Sierra Leoneans, on a number of events, don’t view fellowship as an important relationship amongst Christians. Consequently, they do not rejoice collectively since they don’t endure collectively. Some have left the nation and dwelling in diaspora whereas others are searching for alternatives to revenge. Since they don’t see God’s hand of their struggling, forgiveness and reconciliation will not be well-liked ideas within the church.


Regardless of large struggling, Christians in Sierra Leone should understand that God ought to be praised in each circumstance since He’s a Father who provides consolation to His kids. Struggling just isn’t essentially from God. The truism is that “some struggling is man-made; conflict as an illustration. However a lot just isn’t, no less than not in any clear and apparent means. We’re born in struggling and we die in struggling, whether or not we’re warmongers or peace mongers” (Kreft 1986, 170). God might permit it for a function. There are occasions when God simply say ‘no’ since He has a greater sure which couldn’t be seen for the time being. A global scholar at West Africa Theological Seminary (WATS) was depressed as a result of, humanly talking, he had been marginalized within the ministry and youthful pastors got the chance to check shortly after getting into the ministry. It was through the insurgent conflict after his residence was utterly destroyed that he lastly obtained a scholarship to check in WATS. The tip of his coaching within the M.A. (Pastoral Ministry) coincided with the beginning of the Grasp of Divinity program within the seminary and he turned the primary graduate, which enabled him to acquire a scholarship from Asbury Theological Seminary in america of America for a doctorate program. He profited in ache. Failing to understand why God allowed his ‘marginalization’, he’s now grateful for the storms that God filtered in his life.

The comfort lies in the truth that God offers consolation for His kids. This consolation shouldn’t be an finish in itself however quite a method to an finish. Having obtained the consolation of God throughout every kind of struggling, the church in Sierra Leone has a really superior accountability to supply consolation for many who in flip are struggling. Like Paul admonishing Timothy to move on what he has discovered to trustworthy males who will in flip educate others additionally, Sierra Leonean Christians, after receiving God’s consolation should additionally consolation others. When that is accomplished, the brotherhood of Christians could be clearly evident within the nation. The instance of Dr. Bola Davies (actual title hid) of Sanders Road, a dynamic preacher in Sierra Leone is price emulating. After his sixteen yr previous virgin daughter was violently raped by scores of rebels and introduced again to him months after, he’s very instrumental in counseling different folks, Christian and non-Christians alike who underwent related ordeals.

A significant issue in Sierra Leone at present is accepting one’s partner after being raped by rebels. A working example is a Baptist Christian, Bro. Joshua Conteh (actual title withheld) whose spouse was raped by 4 rebels in his presence. A being pregnant take a look at carried out quickly after this incident was optimistic and the brother initially insisted that he wouldn’t father a fatherless little one and strongly advisable an abortion. It took a dynamic workforce of Christians who had suffered related traumas to counsel him. Although painful, he ultimately accepted her. When she ultimately delivered a bouncing child boy, the kid was accepted right into a kids’s residence. Bro. Conteh is now amongst a workforce of Christians counseling victims of this abuse.

The above however, the church in Sierra Leone is barely starting to know with the complete actuality. Although the conflict is now a factor of the previous, the implications are felt in various levels. An alarming and ever rising variety of Christians are actually dwelling with HIV/AIDS. These Christians want counseling quite than rebuke.

The church in Sierra Leone should be counseled for the function performed in negotiating the tip of the battle. Rev. Theophilus Momoh, the consultant of the Catholic Church on the nation’s Inter-Spiritual Council paid a becoming tribute to the function of the church when he noticed thus:

Regardless of the loss of life and maiming that has occurred throughout Sierra Leone’s civil conflict, the church urged dialogue and forgiveness. It’s troublesome to forgive and overlook due to the atrocities dedicated, however we nonetheless emphasize the necessity for dialogue. Although the Catholic Church helps the Nigerian-led West African peacekeeping forces, it prefers dialog to go alongside it (Indicators of the Occasions 1999).

The passage, 2 Corinthians 1:3-7, has a really related message to the church in Sierra Leone. Although each challenge is Father-filtered, God didn’t provoke nor did He’ll the sufferings in Sierra Leone. Amidst the struggling, God is he supply of all consolation (together with all types of struggling in Sierra Leone which certified the nation because the poorest on the planet). This consolation is thru His Son Jesus Christ, indicating that there is no such thing as a different medium to Him. Sierra Leonean Christians who had been comforted have an obligation to be channels of comfort. They should be devices to consolation of others.


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Source by Oliver Harding

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